Hello Out There

Wow....long time no post!

I cannot believe its been over 2 months! The summer has been so busy with family stuff, camping trips, barbq's, swimming, and a ton of other fun activities.
Now that everything is winding down, I am happy to be getting more creative time.

One of the things we did this summer was a camping trip to Westfield, NY with Wendy Bretz and her family. It was so much fun!! Wendy and I have been friends since the first Buffalo CKC and usually only see each other once a year, so when her and her family invited us to go we couldn't resist. And who knew it is only a little over an hour to their house. It was such an easy drive that we are going for an end of summer camping trip with them in a couple weeks!

One of the best things about the trip was that our kids finally got to meet and hang out together. They had a great time! I did this layout after we got home:

One of my favourite new companies on this layout...Echo Park Paper. Their collections are so awesome! I can't wait for the 2 Christmas lines coming out!

Looking forward to keeping this blog updated!

Steph :-)



  1. your blog makeover is so cute! looking forward to seeing more from you soon!

  2. Oh my gosh!
    I LOVE it!!!!
    Hannah just saw it and she goes...THAT'S MY LITTLE BUDDY!
    I'm so glad you guys came down too and can't wait to see you guys in a few days!

  3. What a cute layout! I love Echo Park, too.