Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Hey Everyone!!

Last year while on a scrapbooking retreat with some crafty friends, I was challenged to create a card using some products I wouldn’t necessarily use on my own. (change that to ‘would never use on my own’ lol!) It started with a challenge from Jana and Jennifer to use the colour purple (my least favourite colour to get crafty with) and Jana even offered up 3 different shades of Hero Arts purple notecards. Then Jennifer found this great princess Hero Arts stamp set for me to use. Awesome!! ;-)
And it didn’t end there! My friend Candy happily gave me a purplish/bluish piece of really flowery patterned paper to add to the card. Quite the combination but I met that challenge head on and ended up creating a pretty cute card. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo and I put the card in the retreat scrapbook that Deborah brought. I’ll have to see if I can get her to take a photo for me so I can share it here on my blog.

 Anyways… the reason for my rambling, is I was recently challenged once again by my friend Heidi at Simon Says Stamp to create a project using Washi Tape. Now I wouldn’t say I dislike Washi tape like the items above, but this was my first time using it so I was challenged to come up with a fun way to use it. (I don’t think she would have let me get away with using it as tape on a couple of photos on a layout lol!!) After a bit of thought I decided I wanted to do an Easter craft and decorate eggs with it. My original plan was to just wrap it around the eggs with strips of the tape but I didn’t like the look of that because the tape didn’t lay flat on the egg. So I decided to try hand cutting different shaped triangles and covering the entire egg with them. Loved how this turned out even though it was a little time consuming. And when I created these, I had no plastic eggs on hand, so those are real eggs. I am planning on getting some plastic ones and redoing them so I can keep them for future home décor.

I also created the little ‘Happy Easter’ sign for the basket and used Washi tape to decorate the middle of the rosette (a trick I learned from Jennifer).
All in all, I love how this little challenge turned out! I love the creative push these little challenges give me! And a big thanks to Heidi for challenging me with such a fun product! :-)


Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by -
Be back soon!

Steph :-)



  1. I can confirm that you met the challenge on the princess card last year! :-)

    And this one too. Such a cute idea to do with the eggs

  2. Very nice idea!
    If you want to keep your decorated eggs you can actually use the real ones. You just need to blow the yolk and white out.
    Make two tiny holes on opposite ends of a raw egg (one can be 1mm, the other one a bit bigger, you can use a needle or something similar). Put inside a tiny wire, break the yolk, get out the wire. Turn the egg the small hole upwards and start blowing (you might need to blow strongly). The inside gets out the other hole. After the egg is empty, you can wash it and let it dry. You either seal the holes with wax or use them to hang the egg on a ribbon.

    hope this helps