Designing with Glitter Paste


One of the hottest trends in the crafting industry right now is embossing paste. It's a little bit messy, but it is so fun and creates some really awesome effects. My current favourite combination is white embossing paste on white backgrounds. It creates subtle dimension without taking over the whole card.

I recently played around with a another product similar to embossing paste, called Viva Decor Glitter Paste and while it's a little different in consistency than embossing paste, its just as fun to play with and creates some really fun results! ;)

Merry Christmas

On this card, I added the glitter paste all over the tree branches to give it the look of snow. This paste can be applied with a super thin layer (which I did under the tree) or it can be applied thicker so that when it dries, it leaves a great glittery texture. I just use a cheap paint brush to apply it and then throw it out when I'm done. ;)

Warm Winter Wishes

This card was so hard to photograph! I really wanted to show the great iridescent look of the glitter but its so hard to capture on camera. I left the images a little darker so you can see how glittery that snowflake looks.

On this card, I used a snowflake stencil that I created myself using a Silhouette digital design, and I just added the glitter inside and lifted off the stencil before it dried. Then I set it aside for a few hours to make sure it was dry before I assembled the card.

Using the glitter paste like this is when you notice the difference between it and regular embossing paste. Glitter paste is a lot 'wetter' than embossing paste, so if you use too much of it on a paper surface, it tends to make the paper warp. One trick is to use heavy weight cardstock and just don't layer a lot of the paste in the stencil. I used the 120lb cardstock from Simon Says Stamp on this card and it worked great and still had a lot of great dimension. ;)

Snowflake Embellishment

This is one of my favourite things to do with the paste! Just take a stencil (I diecut this snowflake and used the negative piece for my stencil) and apply the paste on a piece of acetate. Lift off the stencil like the card above and set the piece aside to fully dry.

Once it's completely dry, carefully peel up the edge of the snowflake until it completely comes off the acetate sheet and you're left with this great glittery dimensional snowflake!! You can use it on a card front instead of applying the paste directly and you won't have any issues at all with warping the paper since this is already dry.


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  1. So cool, Steph! Looks like such a fun product! Both cards are beautiful!

  2. ooo! i love that snowflake embellishment you made. what a neat idea!

  3. This was a very informative post! Thanks for the photos and terrific comments.

  4. Great cards! Thanks for these ideas. Glitter paste is now on my wishlist. ;-)

  5. The tree is beautiful - as is the snowflake!


  6. Beautiful snowflake! I have to try that!

  7. I love it! I've just found something else to put in my letter to Santa! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Hi Stephanie! I love your cards you made with that glitter paste, so much I had to order it! I just received it today and I came back to your blog to figure out how you used it again. You said it's wetter than embossing paste, so to not use a lot of it and use heavy card stock, I was wondering if you had used it with any of the Simon says stamp stencils! I was thinking of trying it with the falling snow one, just wondering if and what your results were using it like that? Thanks so much for the inspiration!