MFT | 5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash: Dies

This is 1 of 2 posts today. You can see my Hello card using Create a Smile stamps by clicking here.

Hello! This week, My Favorite Things is sharing all kinds of fun organizational tips and tricks for organizing your crafty stash including stamps, stencil, dies, cardstock and ink! Each day will feature a different product and will include ideas for storage, organization and keeping everything in a system that works for you!

The MFT Creative team will be taking part all week long, sharing what we use to organize and what works for us. Hopefully once the week is done, you'll have a lot of different ideas to help you get organized and ready to create!

Today's post is all about die storage! If you've seen my posts for stamps and stencils, then I'm sure you'll guess that I use the same Sterilite mini crates for my die storage, and you'd be right lol! These little crates are perfect for all three and keep my craft space looking organized and matchy matchy - two things I love! ;)

I store my larger dies in the same My Favorite Things pockets as my stamps, since they can accommodate the dies that are too tall to fit in the smaller pockets. The smaller dies go in the MFT small storage pockets, which are the same as the larger ones, except they aren't as tall or wide.

I keep all of the magnetic backing sheets that come with the MFT dies so I can store them on them. I use wire snips to cut them all apart and then I add them to the pockets. All of my die pockets also include backing cardstock for extra stability.

I love how great the small and larger pockets store so well together. I just put the taller ones in the back of the crates and the smaller ones in the front. This allows me to easily see what I have as I flip through them.

Once I have all of the dies in their pockets, I use my label maker and create labels the same as I do for my stamps and stencils. I put the manufacturer name on the top and the die name on the bottom. This consistency in the labeling process makes it super easy to always find everything. ;)

I can fit quite a few dies in each of the crates so storing them is these works out great. I don't have one room dedicated to my crafty obsession, so I am always looking for ways to stay organized without taking up a lot of space.

So that's a little peek into how I store my dies. Make sure to head over to the My Favorite Things blog today (and all week long) for a lot of ideas, links to the other MFT Creative Teams blogs where they're sharing their storage ideas, and awesome amazing giveaways!! ;)




  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to help us all get organized, all of you have shared so many ideas and I have even learned a few from other comments.

  2. Am loving this MFT organizational series. Thanks so much for showing us your system.

  3. Great organizing tips! I'm inspired!

  4. These cute little bins sure are a good idea to use to store dies. That way the container is more portable.

  5. What a great storage solution. Love those little bins. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Love your cute little bins! Loving the ideas from this week!!!

  7. I am going to start organizing everything now that I see such great ideas! Thanks!

  8. I love the looks of the label maker...I will definitely check that out! These are such great head is swimming and I can't wait to get started. I am sure I will stamp more once I am organized! Thanks to all of you!

  9. Great storage ideas. You can never have enough of those in this hobby!

  10. I do like the flatness of the envies... dang another project to do~

  11. I think it is about time I get a label maker!