More Planning Fun with Sweet Stamp Shop

Hello! I'm back with another guest post designing with Sweet Stamp Shop. We're going to talk more about planning today and how I create my custom stickers for my planner. I love that each planner stamp set is geared toward something specific whether it be fitness, home or work.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I own a few different planners and actually use them all for different things so I like having a lot of options when it comes to my supplies. One of my favourite ways to stay organized is to prepare stickers ahead of time that I can use in my planning. It's super convenient to just pull out my pre-stamped stickers and add them to my planners wherever I need them. 

I use all types of different stickers and Post-it notes, but my favorite are office supply stickers from Avery. You can get them in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours and even re-positionable, which is perfect if you want to be able to move them around in your planner. I have a few sets of coloured ones, but I prefer to buy them in white so I can add colour to them myself with my Copic markers or other types of colouring mediums.

I usually decide on a colour scheme for different events or schedules, colour a bunch of stickers and then stamp them repeatedly with the images so I have a lot on hand. It takes no time at all once you get going and I love the end result. There are so many great images in the SSS planner sets and they fit perfectly on the Avery circle and small rectangle stickers.

There is seriously a ton of options when it comes to the planner series of stamps, because there are so many to choose from. I definitely encourage you to create planner stickers using stamps... once you start, it's addictive! ;)

You can read more about how I create customized stickers at the Sweet Stamp Shop blog here. I'll be back with one more guest post a little later this month. Thanks for stopping by!



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