Planning Fun with Sweet Stamp Shop

Hello! I am thrilled to be back with a guest design post for Sweet Stamp Shop. It's no secret that I am a complete planner nerd so the planner series of stamps that SSS offers are the perfect addition to my planning supplies!  I actually use more than one planner because I like having a few that are used for different things, and mainly because I can't choose just one planner to use lol! ;)

I love using monthly planners for general events, budget planning and work/blog scheduling. It's quick and easy to look at the double page spread and see what I have coming up and what needs to be done throughout the month. I either stamp directly in the planner using various colours of dye inks, or I use pre-made stickers that I create.

Having the stickers, especially the colour coded ones, makes monthly planning so quick and easy. And to get even more use out of them, I tend to use them for multiple things if I can. I use my stickers with the car image to track both car insurance and car payments. I also use the house image stickers for both mortgage payments and house insurance. I just add additional stamping under the sticker to indicate what it represents.

For events that don't occur every month, I just stamp directly in the planner. I like combining both image and word stamps and Sweet Stamp Shop offers so many options to do this! I'm pretty sure there is a word/image for everything! And using different ink colours is a fun way to mix it up and make your planner more colourful and nice to look at. ;)

Another thing I like about the monthly planner design is the notes section you can usually find on the side. I like using this area to keep track of monthly bill payments like utilities and credit card payments. The word stamps fit perfectly in the lines so I stamp them at the start of the month and then check them off as they're paid. I love that it keeps everything in one place for easy reference. ;)

I'll be back later this month with more posts on my planning process and how I use Sweet Stamp Shop products. Thanks for stopping by!



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