Moments Inked | A Planner within a Planner

Hello! Today I have a new post sharing more of my Papertrey Ink Moments Inked planner and a closer look at how I use the Divided stamps and dies in my planner.
The Divided stamps and dies are the perfect addition to the Moments Inked planner to create a customized planner within a planner. I created a bunch of colourful, custom dividers to keep at the back of my planner for everything from coupons, to receipts, to decorating ideas for our house. It's the perfect way to add in the things that work for everyday life! ;)

My Moments Inked planner is in an A5 binder (just in case you were wondering why it looks a little different). I loved the coil, but since I take my planner everywhere with me, I find it easier to travel with it in a binder. Everything stays tucked inside nice and neat and the planner holes in the pages already fit the binder with no additional punching needed!

The Divided stamps work perfectly with the tab in the Divided die set, as well as the full page die. To create my dividers, I picked a few different colours of PTI cardstock and mixed and matched the colours of the full pages and tabs that I diecut. I love the fun mix of colours!

I stamped a bunch of the headings that work with my everyday life and use these all the time for various things. Using these, in addition to the actual planner pages, keeps me super organized and keeps everything all in one place! I love that! ;)

I thought I would share a few of the sections and how I use them to keep track of life. The decorating tab is where I keep photos, notes and anything else pertaining to our house. We are currently renovating so this section is getting a lot of use right now. I love pasting little clippings in it so I can remember ideas and patterns that I find.

The recipe section is where I add recipes that are new to me that I don't want to forget about. I just find downloadable recipe printouts online and keep them in my planner so I can add recipes that catch my eye.

I keep a pocket (created with the pocket die) in the coupon section so I can quickly and easily tuck coupons in that I know I'll use in the upcoming weeks. I used to lose them all the time, but this system keeps them all together!

I keep lined paper in the shopping section and stamp the word groceries across the top to write down my grocery lists for the upcoming week. Having a menu section, the coupon section and the recipe section right along with this one, helps me to keep a shopping list with everything I'll need.

Having this custom planner within my actual planner is pretty much a perfect system for me. I keep track of my schedule, appointments, etc... in the monthly pages, I keep track of more personal things (like goals, moments to remember, etc..) in the daily pages and now I have this custom planner at the back to keep all of my menus, receipts, coupons, etc...

I think I'm the most organized I've ever been in my life lol! ;)




  1. I used to have a Franklin Covey and was having a difficult time wrapping my head around a spiral planner (it's just so "set"). This makes me think about getting one in future!

  2. LOVING your Planner/s!! What a FUN idea!! I LOVE that you are using it for Ideas, Recipes, Lists ect.!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  3. Great to know that the holes fit in the A5 binder. Been writing in to PTI if PTI able to sell the coil separately as I like to make note books using those dividers too. But since now knowing these holes also fit the A5 binder, I can make some planning to get these planner dies soon! Thanks!

  4. SO ready to get this planner!!!! When will 2016 be available?