Paper Doll Layout | June 2015

Hello! Today I have my June paper doll layout to share... this month is based on one of my all-time favourite movies ever... Stand By Me. I used to watch this at my cousins house when we were growing up, on repeat lol! I have definitely seen it more times than I can count!

I only have three boy paper doll stamps that worked well together so I had to improvise and combine the top of one and bottom of another to make the 4th character from the movie. I think it turned out pretty good and you barely notice that two of the dolls look the same.

The page didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it in my head, but I still like it and am so glad I included this movie in my album. I wanted it to look like they are all standing on train tracks since a lot of the movie is based on their travels along the train tracks. 

But since the dolls are so big in relation to the paper that I put them on, this was the only way I could get it to work. Making it a two page layout definitely helped!

I stamped all the dolls on text paper and paper pieced their clothes with some 6x6 patterned papers from my stash. The dolls don't look exactly like the characters they're portraying but I think they turned out pretty close.

I always like to add little touches from the movie onto my pages. For this one, I added a little black rectangle from the top of Vern's pocket to look like his comb. If you've seen the movie then you definitely know how important his comb was to him lol! ;)

I also added a pair of thick black glasses to Teddy like the ones he wears in the movie. I just cut them from my Cameo after I sized them down small enough to fit his face and then adhered them on with liquid glue.

When I picked out the patterned papers for the clothes, I tried to pick patterns and colours similar to what they wear in the movie. It's not exact but it's so fun to try and find the perfect papers to use. That's one of my favourite parts about making these layouts!

The quote I used for this page is from the narrative at the end and are the last lines of the movie. I have always loved these words and the end of the movie so I knew I wanted this to be the quote I used. I just printed it with my printer and cut the patterned paper down to fit on the 6x8 layout.

You can watch the video below to see how I created this months page:

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you next month for my July page! ;)

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  1. Love your paper doll pages - I am just getting into Julie Nutting stamps. Love it! I am having trouble finding text paper .... any suggestions?

    1. I usually use older papers from my stash or find it at a LSS or online at Pebbles Inc and Echo Park usually have something with text in their collections. HTH!

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  3. on the text paper you use, is it thin paper or card stock weight?