September 2015 | Paper Doll Layout

Hello! Today I have my September paper doll layout to share, in October lol! I always try so hard to get these done every month, but sometimes life just gets in the way haha! This month I went with a movie that I was obsessed with when I was younger... Three Men and a Baby. I'm pretty sure I actually wore the tape out in the VCR lol!;)

When I decided I wanted to do this movie for the layout this month, I bought it online so I could watch it since it had been years! And I love it just as much now as I did back then. It's so fun to actually watch the movie while I'm working on the layout... I love the process so much! ;)

I based the design of my layout on the DVD cover and used my paper dolls to try and recreate Peter, Michael and Jack and of course, baby Mary. How cute is the new baby paper doll!?!? I was so excited to created with it and this movie worked perfectly!
I tried to match up the clothes as best as I could in colour even though they aren't the same type of shirts that the characters are wearing. It's always so fun to try and make the dolls look as close to the movie as I can.

When I do my layouts I always like to incorporate little touches that really make them specific to the movie. For this layout I added those special touches to Peter (Tom Selleck) by adding the open bow tie to his neck, giving him a mustache (I used the paint brush from the Crazy Things stamp set lol!) and adding a stain to his shirt just like on the DVD cover. I just think these little touches make the whole layout! ;)

I also added some shading to Michael and Jack's faces to make them look like they have a little 5 o'clock shadow since the dolls look like teenagers. I'm not really sure if I acheived the look I was going for or just made them both look like their faces were dirty lol!!

The quote I used was from the scene in the movie when the guys sing 'Goodnight Sweetheart' to Mary to put her to sleep. I love that scene. ;)

I get a lot of questions about the text paper that I stamp my dolls on... most of it is a random assortment from my stash that is no longer available for purchase. :( But lot's of different companies usually release similar ones every once in a while.

To see how I created the layout, you can watch the video below:

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you later this month for my October page! ;)

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  1. I love your paper doll lay outs! They are always so much fun!

  2. My favorite posts from you are your paper doll layouts. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! You have inspired me to do some myself. So darn cute - and what a great movie!

  3. Hi Stephanie! This is by far my favourite layouts because this a family favourite. We watched this movie soo much growing up that I can quote it! I also really love the scene that they're singing "Goodnight Sweetheart" to Mary.