January 2016 | Paper Doll Layout

Hello and welcome to my 2016 series of paper doll layouts inspired by my favourite movies and TV shows! I'm starting the year off a little late but hopefully this will be the only one! I'm not making any promises though lol!! ;)

This months layout is based off the movie Big which was an absolute childhood favourite for me! I watched it so many times that I had most of the movie memorized. ;)

I knew that I definitely wanted to recreate the mall scene where he plays the big piano, so the first thing I did was went online and found printable piano keys. I found a blank one that was meant to teach piano and it was the perfect size for the doll stamp, so I printed it out and trimmed it down to fit on my layout.

To create Josh, I stamped the Aidan paper doll onto text paper (I use a digital download that I purchased from Etsy to stamp on) and then I stamped his clothes on patterned paper. I couldn't really make him look exact since he's wearing a jacket and a collar shirt in the movie but I tried to replicate the pattern on his shirt to make him look similar.

Once I had all of the stamping done, I glued all of his clothes on and cut him out with my scissors. I printed the quote from the movie onto a piece of graph paper (he's actually in a mall in this scene but I knew there was no way I'd be able to recreate that behind him without turning the layout into a hot mess lol! so I kept the background pretty simple.

I adhered the piano on the bottom and then added Josh on top to make it look like he was standing on it. Since the background was pretty plain, I added a few diecut music notes to fill some of the space and give the impression that he's making music. ;) 

Overall the layout still looks a little plain to me, but I'm glad I created this movie to include in my album.

To see how I created this months page, you can watch the video below:

I'll see you later this month with my February 2016 paper doll layout! ;)

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  1. I always look forward to your paper doll videos. They are so entertaining. I enjoy the stories you tell. So very happy you are doing these again this year. Your work is amazing!


  2. Absolutely adorable! I love your paper doll layouts and watching as you put them together. Thanks for sharing.....

  3. I love your your series of paper doll layouts - such a "feel good" collection! Looking forward to more.

  4. Love this! Great addition to your collection.

  5. Big was one of my favorite movies too! It was filmed in the town next to where I grew up. The big piano was not in a mall. It was in the big toy store in Manhattan. A few years back I took my youngest son and have photos of him dancing on it just like the movie.