Colouring Cinderella & My Favourite Colouring Supplies

Hello! So lately I have fallen back in love with colouring. I have always loved pencil crayons and colouring books and remember looking forward to each and every Christmas when we would get a brand new box of pencil crayons (or crayons) and big fat colouring books under the tree. It was always one of my favourite gifts... I would colour in those books for hours!

As I got older, I wouldn't say I lost my interest in colouring... I just focused my creative energy in other areas... scrapbooking, handmade crafts and now mainly card making. But a couple months ago I started to get interested in colouring again. I follow a ton of amazing artists all over social media that can not only colour, but can draw amazing images. I am in awe of their incredible talent.

Now I can't draw at all. Zero. But I really love to colour images that other people draw lol! :) And I can honestly say that I have become addicted to colouring once again! 

I have been sharing my colouring on Instagram and I cannot thank you all enough for the kind comments and love you are sending my way! I appreciate it so so much and love sharing my coloured images with you! 

I've had a lot of requests for a video sharing my colouring process, so I filmed the colouring of a Cinderella colouring page that I downloaded from the internet. I'm sharing all 3 parts of the video on Youtube (embedded videos in this post as well) so you can see her being coloured (sped up) from beginning to end.

I also included a little intro in part 1 sharing all of my favourite colouring supplies just in case it helps those of you love to colour with some product questions.

I hope you enjoy these videos and I can't thank you enough for all of the positive feedback on my colouring! It means so much to me and is so appreciated! ;)




  1. WOW! Will have to check these out - the highlights are gorgeous. Am enjoying all your sharing on Instagram :) xx

  2. Thank your for this labor of Love! I pinned all three for DIYers worldwide, and little princesses, young & old, to learn from:)

  3. Exquisite! Thanks for the videos.

  4. absolutely amazing .... the glitter dot technique to finish was phenomenal!

  5. Right now I'm watching tv, but I can't wait to watch your videos! (Since we ran out of time for a personal demonstration.) :D

  6. Love love love your coloring it is amazing, especially the sparkles. Truly an artist.

  7. I tremendously enjoyed watching these videos and picked up several things to try! I especially liked seeing how you did the shading, and also the final dots and glitter. Beautiful.

  8. This is AWESOME! I am so grateful you did this! Thank you!!!