Reality Check

This week set the stage for the finales of 2 of my favourite reality shows:
American Idol and Dancing With The Stars.

I was so excited last night to see this guy make it to the finals on Idol:

I am definitely a fan of his smooth southern voice and his easy laid back style. I would buy a CD by Kris in a minute.

And while I agree that Adam does have nice vocals sometimes, I cannot get past the fact that for the most part he sounds like a woman screaming. And I have to admit that when he has on all of his eye makeup and sings into the camera - well he kinda scares me. I guess he's just not my style.

Can't wait to see how this one ends up....Go Kris!!

And next week will also determine the winner of this seasons Dancing With The Stars. The final 3 couples are pretty darn good dancers! My fav to win it:

But i wouldn't mind to see these 2 win either:

I think I am really gonna miss seeing Gilles dancing Monday nights.

Anyone else watch these 2 shows and have favs to win?

And speaking of reality shows, the new Bachelorette starts next week with Jillian. Anyone else planning on not watching even though you know you will. :-)



  1. I'm not following these shows, but I wanted to add that I LOVE this time of year for TV. The season finales are always awesome!

  2. Thank you Stephanie, for I thought I was the only person in the Northern Hemisphere who does not appreciate Adam's vocal theatrics.
    I liken him to a drag queen show singer with all the screeching he does.
    Oh well, it will be the biggest upset in Idol history if Kris wins, the way the judges have tongue-bathed Adam all year.
    Geez, I have invested too much thought on this topic. lol