Project Life 2012 | Week One

Sorry I am a little late in posting week one of my Project Life. The weekend ended up a little busier than planned and I have been busy working away on CHA assignments. (The big crafting tradeshow that happens twice a year. Jillibean Soup has some really awesome stuff coming out this release! I'll share some of the sneaks in the next day or two.

And now onto Project Life. About a month before Christmas I decided that I really wanted to do Project Life this year. And it is sooo popular right now and after a couple I weeks I can see why! It has reminded me so much why I started scrapbooking and why I love it so much! And while I still love my layouts and will continue to create them, this approach is so stress free, easy and fun! It's a little ridiculous how excited I get each week when I pick up my developed photos for the past week. (I was originally going to print all of my photos at home on my Epson Artisan but I decided to send them to get developed instead and am really happy with doing it this way. I just upload my prints, pick them up the next day on my way home from work and it costs like $2 depending on how many photos I have for the week)

So here is Week One:

I am hoping to get on a schedule of posting my Project Life for the past week on Saturdays.

Be back soon!
Steph :-)



  1. I haven't jumped on the PL bandwagon (too much of a committment for me!) but I love what you've done so far. Looking forward to seeing your CHA projects!

  2. Love the Easter Egg!! I just got an order of the new colors in - perfect for Easter!!