Goodbye 2012 | Hello 2013

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!!!

For my last post of the year, I wanted to share my title page of my Project Life album for 2013.
I started PL last year and actually made it pretty far, but did end up stopping halfway through the year. Life then vs. life now is like night and day.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with Project Life and how it works, please read this post.)

I am going into 2013 with a completely different attitude on life and so much happier. I had a lot of stresses in my life in 2012 and while not all of those stresses are gone now, some of the bigger ones are no longer sitting on top of my shoulders. I feel like I can breathe a little easier as we embark on this new year and I am hopeful and excited for the things to come.

Project Life 2013


Aside from the fact that life was just a little crazy hectic last year, I think a lot of the reason that I ended up quitting was that I was making it more difficult than it needed to be. A lot of weeks it felt more like a chore to complete it and I wasn't having any fun with it after awhile.

So I stopped.

As this year started to near its end, I started thinking about Project Life again and if I wanted to do it this year. I knew I wanted to, but I didn't wanted to get partly through it again and then quit because it was getting too hard to keep up with. So I researched what other people were doing. What their methods were. And if they had any tips or ideas that made the process easier.

And I came across one of my favourite PL'ers ever - Susan Weinroth. She actually just recently blogged about her PL process here and I definitely recommend checking it out if you're thinking of doing PL or if your just looking for some inspiration. She is awesome! ;-)

The main thing I learned from her and that I am now doing in my own album to make it easier and more enjoyable is to utilize my computer more. I have purchased a bunch of brushes and digital stuff that I can use throughout my album and I also purchased the digital Seafoam core kit. I love how easy it is to add some info, upload everything to the photo developer and pick up everything all ready to go into the album.

I'll still be adding actual stamping here and there and other little pieces of 'life' but I love how much easier and enjoyable using the computer makes this album! ;-)

Thank so much for stopping by today and please let me know if you have any questions. :-)

Happy New Year!!



  1. Happy New Year!! PL would send me over the edge! I admire the Crafters who try it out even for a little while! I hope you get into a groove for 2013! Even you can't make it the whole year, you'll have the days you did complete documented and that's better then having nothing done (points finger at self!).

  2. Way to go Stephanie. Good luck on your second PL journey. this is my first year! I just posted my cover layout.

    Looking forward to sharing and encouraging each other.