Paper Doll Layout | March 2015

Hello! Today I have my March 2015 paper doll layout to share! I just have to say that 3 months into creating these movie/tv quote inspired paper doll layouts, I am loving these pages and having so much fun with them! It's so fun to decide what I want to create and how I can make my page resemble a scene from the show! I want to create them non-stop lol! ;)

For January and February I used movie quotes, so I decided to do a TV quote this month. And it worked out perfectly because one of my favourite shows (Glee) ended in March so it was nice to create a page that kind of paid tribute to it. ;)

I created the page based on a quote from the character Finn and tried to create a scene that kind of mimics some things from the show. That's one of my favourite parts of creating these pages... getting creative with products to make them similar to the movie or tv show that it's from.

Finn played the drums on the show so I downloaded and cut out a drum set using my Silhouette Cameo. I wanted to use red foil paper for the drums, but since I didn't have any I improvised and used red glitter paper. To add a little more detail to them, I printed a photo of the drums from the show that I found online, and cut out the front area of the largest drum (with the wording) and adhered it onto my set. I love how easy it was to customize them!

I stamped the Aidan paper doll stamp onto text paper and then stamped him a few more times on some patterned papers for clothes. I used the American Crafts DIY paper pad for his jeans (I've purchased like 4 of these paper pads for the ONE sheet of jean patterned paper you get in it lol!) and a red piece from my stash for his shirt. The Glee clubs original 'uniform' was jeans and a red shirt so I wanted to show that on the page. ;)

To create the actual scene, I used brick and wood patterned paper from my stash, and added one of my favourite Finn quotes by printing it directly on the wall. Then I adhered the drums and the paper doll to complete the scene.

Since it's a boy page and I really wanted the focal point to be Finn and the drums, I kept the overall page relatively simple in it's design. Those glittery drums are enough all on their own lol!!

You can see how I created this month's page in the video below:

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you next month with my April page! ;)

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  1. Great job Stephanie. I loved paper dolls as a child (Is it any wonder I have an affinity for paper now? LOL) I enjoyed the video, watching it come together was awesome. Love it!

  2. Love this, and I've never even seen Glee!