August 2015 | Paper Doll Layout

Hello! Today I have my August paper doll layout to share and once again I'm a little late lol! This month I wanted to do a page with a single doll... I've been doing multiple character pages for the past few months and wanted to change it up. As soon as I decided on that, I picked a movie that I've been wanting to do for awhile... the Sound of Music!

This has been a favourite of mine since as long as I can remember. I watch it at least a couple of times a year and always during the Christmas holidays. I decided to use the Audrey paper doll stamp for Maria since she looks the closest and I just changed her up a bit to fit the character.

I stamped the dress twice (on dark blue patterned paper and grey and white striped patterned paper) and then I added some of my own lines to the dress to change it up a bit. I turned the grey and white stamped dress into an apron and layered it over the dress to resemble to opening scene. 

I also changed up the hair by drawing a line down the side to make it appear short on both sides and take off the little hair flip thing that was happening. To complete her, I added a brown hat, similar to the one she wears throughout the movie.

I created the scene with sky patterned paper and then added grey papers and vellum for the mountains and green striped paper for the hills. I also added a small strip of floral paper to look like flowers in the hills and add a light pop of colour to the layout.

The quote that I added is a line from the song (the Sound of Music) that she is singing during the opening scene of the movie. I love all of the songs in the film and knew I definitely wanted to use a line from one of the songs. ;)

I thought it looked pretty plain and simple when I was done and I had a hard time just being done, but this is pretty much all there is in the movie scene so I forced myself to leave it be and let Maria be the star of the page. ;)

You can watch the video below to see how I created my page. At the end of the video I share a peek at my entire album so far:

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you later this month for my September page! ;)

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  1. OMG - a perfect Maria! I love that movie too - a true classic. And I absolutely ADORE your paperdoll series. You have made me a paperdoll junkie too! So darn fun!

  2. I was surprised that you didn't do any shading on her dress .... but it looks great without too. LOVE THE SERIES!

    1. I actually did do some shading on her dress... after the video because I totally forgot lol!! I used a c2 Coptic marker and shaded all the areas on her apron. ;)

  3. Hi Stephanie! Love your work, can you please tell me where do you get those papers to stamp the dolls, the ones with letters. I can't find something similar. Thanks a lot!

  4. Stephanie this is incredible. I love that movie and no prompting needed to know what movie you did!! Fantastic!