October 2015 | Paper Doll Layout

Yep... it's the middle of November and I am just sharing my October paper doll layout haha! ;)

The good news? I already have my November layout done too, so I'll be sharing that one next and in the actual month of November! ;)

For this month I decided to do one of my favourite movies and Broadway plays ever.... The Phantom of the Opera. This is the type of movie that I constantly have on in the background because 1. I've seen it so many times that I don't actually have to be able to see the screen to know what's happening and 2. I love listening to the music. ;)

This is definitely the most challenging layout I've done to date for a bunch of reasons, including a mask gone wrong and video issues. But it's made, I have most of it in the video and aside from the fact that the mask on the Phantom looks ridiculous, I love how it turned out! ;)

I stamped both the Adam and Marisol dolls onto text paper and stamped an additional head from the Kate doll to replace as Christine's head since she has curly hair. It doesn't look exactly like her hair, but it was the closest I could find. I also stamped their clothes onto patterned paper - black for him and a subtle white pattern for her, and cut them out.

I coloured the dolls skin and hair with Copic markers (skin: E00, E51 Hair (him): C7, C9 (her): E55, E57) and then I glued their clothes on with liquid adhesive and cut them out.

Christine's dress looked a little too plain (I was using the scene where she sings 'Think of Me' on stage as inspiration) so I cut out the shape of the skirt from dotted vellum and adhered it over top of her skirt. I only added adhesive at the top so the skirt would look more realistic and have some movement.

Once both of the characters were dressed, I worked on the little accents and details. I added shading to both of the dolls clothes with grey Copic markers and I added clear sequins to both Christine's hair and the middle area of her dress.

Then I worked on the Phantom's mask and I think I drew it 40 times before I settled on the one that he's wearing... and that's the best of them all haha! ;) I really liked the shape but the eye part looks ridiculous. Probably because the spacing is totally wrong, but maybe because there isn't another eye to balance it out lol!! ;)

I added a mirror to the brick wall background by cutting a rectangle from a piece of Tim Holtz mirror paper (this stuff looks like a real mirror!) and adhering it behind the Phantom. I felt like it was important to include the mirror since it plays such an importatn part in the story and I love adding little pieces that are specific to the movie on my layouts.

The quote is from a song that the Phantom is singing to Christine before she pulls of his mask and reveals his face to the world. It's one of my favourite scenes and the words are so beautiful.

To see how I created most of the layout (I accidentally deleted the beginning video clips that show me stamping and colouring the dolls so the video actually starts with me working on Christine's dress and colouring the Phantom's hair. So sorry!) you can watch the video below:

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you later this month for my November page! ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love this! I am a Phantom fan as well and you did much better with the mask than I could have! I love your pages and look forward to seeing what you will create each month. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us, you are so talented.

  2. I so look forward to this series! Another great creation! Looking forward to the next one.